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Retailers: Welcome to the most robust product catalog in the industry!

We invite you to join us as a business partner and sign up for our wholesale program. Our spectacular dice & accessories sell themselves! They will drive new foot traffic through your door, wow your customers with great high-quality products, and make your cash register ring! Enjoy great discounts and continuous new products with Old School Dice & Accessories!

Here's how easy it is for a Retailer to sign-up for Wholesale discounts:

1. Go to and click 'Create Account' in the upper right-hand corner, or just click it here

2. This is the normal customer registration. We will need a bit more info if you're a Retailer and please use your business info on this form (eg: business email, business address, vender ID etc).

3. Once you have registered, email and let us know you just registered for a wholesale account. Once verified, we tag your account as a 'Wholesale' account. Now all you have to do is login to our normal website and you can buy our great products at wholesale prices (You won't see the wholesale pricing until you login)!

We came from the Retail & Gaming community, so we know how to treat you!

Local Game Stores are the lifeblood of the gaming community. Because of this, we are dedicated to supporting businesses that have a Brick & Mortar store. Through years of dealing with all the big distributors, we have developed a fantastic retailer program that not only will drive traffic through your store (by offering great new products), but also puts money in your pocket! Some highlights are:

  • No minimum order amount
  • FREE shipping on orders over $100
  • Competitive discounts: Start at a WHOPPING 50% off MSRP
  • Constantly expanding product catalog (We are not doing just dice)
  • Easy ordering Platform & Fast Turnaround
  • Graphics access
  • Catalog listed in Crystal Commerce for easy download
  • High level of support and communication (No joke, it's really true!)
  • Easy no-hassle return policy
  • Regular specials and discounts for new and existing accounts
  • Professional packaging including tubes for resin sets and tins for metal/sharp-edged sets. Most of our items can be hung. All come with SKU's and Barcodes, except bulk products and individual metal dice. 

‚ÄčWe want you to have every advantage possible. If you grow, we grow! We have spent years dealing with bad distributors who act like it's a privilege to do business with THEM! We are determined to take the opposite approach! No order is too small, and we welcome all sizes of retailers.

It's Not Just About Chessex Anymore!

With the rise in RPG's and Tabletop gaming, we know your clients are LOOKING for new and high-quality accessories. That is what we specialize in! We all know that hot new products get feet in the door. So, we're always cooking up new dice, rolling trays, bags and other stuff. We are really looking to develop cool and unique items that will help attract customers to your business. We launch new products all the time, so you can always count on new 'bling' to bring your customers back in. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Some of our Retail Partners

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What Our Retail Partners Are Saying

"Nothing stays on the shelves. I’ve sold Chessex before and never seen dice fly as fast as when I get a new Old School Dice reorder. At some point we’ll have the whole line. The quality is unmatched."~Andrew F

"Old School Dice is an excellent vendor for hobby/role playing game dice. Product is retail ready with nice packaging and well placed, easy to scan barcodes. Excellent line of high-end dice while maintaining a quality, well stocked, high variety line of general RPG dice and accessories. Their product line has helped us achieve a nice increase in dice sales."~William W

"Great products that customers want to have. They offer some unique products that stand out from other dice and accessories providers."~Mark E

'5 Star. I love the dice! As a games store, I love offering new products! I also enjoy trying new or smaller companies. Thank You for having a quality product! Those hollow dice are even more amazing in person than the pictures! How is that even possible?!'~Priscilla B

'5 Star. I have had no complaints and returned for multiple restocks, which have doubled or quadrupled in size each time. Excellent products with the Dragon Eye Dice Bags and Hollow Dice particular standouts. Thanks OSD!'~Randy M

'5 Star. Old School Dice puts out some amazing product along with personalized customer service that is second to none. If you need dice then you need OSD in your life.'~ Kyle D.

'Great Products, great prices, great service! So happy to have found your website! The products look and feel great and have been popular since we brought them in. Thanks so much!'~ Curtis S.
'5 Star. This is my favorite new company
Customer feedback has been very positive and the selection of styles draws attention. Also, easier to display than some of the other dice manufacturers.'
~Thomas L
'5 Star!!! In the past two months I've made multiple orders from Old School Dice.  The product just sells itself!  Every order has been correct, the product is solid and dependable!  Even when I needed an order drop shipped to a hotel, with little lead time, the order made it in time and perfect!'

'It has been great! We will be ordering again soon for sure. Trays have sold well and we are about 1/2 way thru the dice! So far so good! Glad we were able to connect with OSD!'


'Best dice bags out there in my opinion. Quality dice and excellent, fast service. Highly recommend.'

~ Allen-Fayetteville

'Very nice product! Customers love it!'


'Very impressive quality and prices, will definitely be buying from again :)'


'Ordered some metal dice for my shop... and wow, they look great! Great communication and fast shipping!'


New Account Specials!

We frequently run specials for new accounts. Check with our wholesale team to see what promotions are available for your first order! We know bringing in new products can be costly, so we are here to help! If you have any questions, you can contact our sales support team at or fill out the form below.