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The Legend of Axeslinger, the Artisan-Warrior...

In the heart of the mountain realm, Axeslinger, a renowned dwarven warrior and master blacksmith, toiled ceaselessly in his subterranean forge. Known for his prowess in battle (He wields magical hammers) and skill with the forge hammer, he embarked on a unique task. Axeslinger forged a magical metal orb infused with luck. As sparks danced and hammers pounded, the mystical sphere took shape. Legends spread like wildfire, drawing beings from far and wide. When rolled, the orb bestowed a shimmering aura of fortune upon its possessor. Axeslinger, the artisan-warrior, blended his two crafts, ensuring that luck became both a weapon on the battlefield and a treasure in the hands of fate. Hence forth, the 'Dwarven Forged' line of dice was created.


Dwarven Forged

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