About the Dice

Beautiful-Precision Dice

Making beautiful dice requires extremely expensive machinery and years of trial and error to get it right. We don't machine the dice ourselves, but we have partnered with experts that have already worked through the problems and have the requisite hardware and expertise to make beautiful well-made dice. A lot of our time is spent finding the right manufacturers to partner with, so that we can only bring the highest quality products to our customers.

Acrylic-Resin Dice

The acrylic-resin dice that we offer are manufactured by our partners. This mean that most of the designs are not exclusive to us. In the future, we will have designs exclusive to (we already have some cooking). We partner with multiple manufacturers to get as many colors and styles, at the best prices possible. We strive to constantly add awesome looking dice.

Metal Dice

This is where it gets cool. Although we have a large line of acrylic-resin dice to date (over 200 different types!), we are spending most of our product development dollars on metal dice that are exclusive to us. This means you won't be able to get these exact dice anywhere else but at! We currently have 85+ different color sets/styles with more being developed all the time!

Upcoming Designs

As stated above, most of our acrylic-resin sets are general designs, which are owned by our manufacturing partners. We plan on changing that and we are in the process of also bringing a whole line of polymer sets that are unique to us. We already are in talks with our partners to make this happen!

Size & Weight

Typically all dice in a polyhedral set are scaled to match the D6 die, which is 16mm. The metal dice sets are quite a bit heavier than the acrylic-resin dice. Depending on the style, the metal dice sets range from 3.7 oz to 4.0 oz. It makes for a much different feel than the acrylic-resin dice. 


Almost all of our accessories are exclusive to us. We strive to find the best concepts and then design and tweak it to fit our customers needs. This means that you won't be able to find the exact replica anywhere else but or with our Retail Partners. The long term plan is to constantly strive to bring new and exciting products to you!