Price: $21.99

Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple

  • Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple
  • Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple
  • Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple
  • Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple
  • Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple
  • Bag of Many Pouches RPG DnD Dice Bag: Purple
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Price: $21.99


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


The Legend of The 'Bag of Many Pouches'...

In the mystical realm of Atlantia, Archmage Kasha, a master of arcane arts, forged the legendary 'Bag of Many Pouches'. Within its depths, she concealed an arsenal of magical orbs, each pulsating with luck and good fortune. As battles raged across the land, Kasha would draw forth these orbs, unleashing their enchantments to turn the tides in her favor. Warriors who fought alongside her marveled at the good fortune that surrounded them, as foes stumbled, and mishaps transformed into triumphs. Kasha's 'Bag of Many Pouches' became a symbol of hope, and her name echoed through the ages as a harbinger of victory and fortune.

Old School Dice & Accessories carries a wide range of premium dice & accessories. Each fabulous item is hand checked to make sure that you are getting the highest quality. These exclusive 'Bag of Many Pouches' dice bags are made with a soft, but sturdy, microfiber and accented with silver skull toggles. Each 'Bag of Many Pouches' has 9 different compartments and holds a whopping 150+ dice! So be the envy of your next gaming session and pull out your very own 'Bag of Many Pouches' dice bag from Old School Dice & Accessories!


  • FREESTANDING: We have selected the perfect materials for this large bag that allow it to stand freely on your table. No more sloppy bags falling over! Not only can you store dice but you can fit pencils, counters, miniatures our other things you may need in your gaming session.
  • 9 INTERIOR POUCHES: We designed this bag with 8 'side pouches' and one large center pouch. Each side pouch can hold a full 7-piece set and the interior pouch holds many more. Now you can organize your dice so that you can spend your time playing your favorite RPG, not searching for dice.
  • STURDY: This hand-crafted bag is made of a sturdy microfiber that is designed to last.
  • HUGE CAPACITY: This bag can hold 150+ dice and closes securely using the built in drawstrings which feature skull toggles. If you need a smaller bag, be sure to check out our Dragon Eye Dice bags.
  • SPECIAL EMBROIDERY: Our 'Bag of Many Pouches' features the bags name with our exclusive Dragon Head logo! All of this is sewn with High-Quality embroidery.
  • SIZE: Height is 5.5 inches with full width of 5.25 inches.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY DICE: This dice bag does not include any dice. Pictures with dice are for reference only.
  • GREAT GIFT: The 'Bag of Many Pouches' is an amazing gift for any D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars or any other RPG enthusiast.





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